Chris Cagle

Cloud Developer & Technology Executive

I help companies build & optimize engaging and dynamic websites.

Over my decade-plus in this business, I've learned a thing or two working with Fortune 500 companies such as EMC, Jaguar Land Rover and Chrysler to smaller businesses like TicketChest, and YesVirginia.

I have solved complex User Experience challenges, devloped scalable cloud infrastructures, optimized poor-performing SEO and much more. I have the experience to know what it takes to get any size project off the ground towards a successful completion.

I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA and have spent more than a decade working on the web.

I began my web career doing building WordPress sites for small businesses. I decided to also build projects of my own, which led me to create a couple local Pittsburgh-focused properties, one of which was Pittsburgh Designers. This site allowed me to connect with my first employer in the web-space, 3PC Media. While there, I worked with some amazing brands while leading the web development team.

After a couple years at 3PC, I moved on to be the first technology employee at a small NYC mobile startup called AdTheorent in 2012. After leading their technology team for 4 years, I recently transitioned over to run technology for an internal attribution product of theirs called Barometric.

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 Recent Projects

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    Open-Source Development
  •  (Break free from Cable TV)
    Development SEO User Interface
  • SolvingEV  (Electric Vehicle Charging)
    Development SEO User Interface